Presenting: Ishkur’s guide to electronic music

Being a big music aficionado, I’ve kinda developed a very eclectic taste in music. I can go from punk to old school jazz to blues to classic rock to grunge, whatever with ease, depending in what mood I’m in. Lately, though, I’ve become more and more immersed into the electronic music scene. Up until a year or so ago, I had no idea how deeply rooted the electronic music genre, and community mind you, is. There’s progressive breakbeat, acid house, nu jazz, goa, tech house, practically dozens of other sub genres, each with its own style and audience. Frankly, it can all be very overwhelming for someone vaguely interested in electronic music, but threat not since Ishkur’s guide to electronic music will get your started in no time. With the whole electronic music scene categorized into genres and subgeres, according to styles and time frames, all on top of a neat mind map, you’ll be on your way in no time!

Hold on hipsters, I know this is ages old, but I’m also more than aware that a lot of people reading ZME have little to no idea what good electronic music is. If you think electronic  music is all about mindless beats, dull rhythms and mdma, give it a second thought and check the guide out. It’s pretty hard finding a genre you wouldn’t fancy.

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