New Jay-Z video: ‘I Know’ (feat. Pharell)

American Gangster was one of the few rap albums, of the last year, that really managed to pack a punch on the scene and actually deliver. The Neptunes produced “I Know” was from the start my favorite track from the album and now that it, recently, was joined by a video, I can only rejoice. The video, directed by Philip Andelman, was made in the same dark and mysterious vibe as the song, but also reminiscent of the critically acclaimed movie, on which the concept album is based. At the center of the video lyes four different, beautiful young women, one of whom happens to be Lenny Kravitz’s daughter Zoe, as they make their way thorough a noir and decadent New York. The cinematic vision and skill is top-notch, for a rap video at least, but sadly the video is a bit ambiguous and will undoubtedly make most people go wtf after seeing it.

Apologizes for our Non-US readers trying to watch this. We’ll put the YouTube video as soon as it gets uploaded.

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