Dave Sitek’s Maximum Ballon


After a lot of years playing lead guitar for TV on the Radio and working as a producer for such bands like Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs or Liars, Dave Sitek will finally get around to release his debut solo album, “Maximum Ballon”, at the end of the summer, which features guest appearances from Little Dragon, Theophilus London, David Byrne, Tunde Adebimpe, Kyp Malone, Karen O, Holly Miranda and Ambrosia Parsley. I liked last year’s solo release by Kyp Malone, now I find out Dave is trying it out as well. Heck, seeing how talented the whole TVotR collective is, I wouldn’t be too surprised if every band members puts out his own record or two out sooner or later.

Below you can stream a leak of “If You Return” featuring Little Dragon, a synth packed track, layered with well placed percussion and some nice chorus whistles – very danceable. Oh, since the stream is a radio rip, try to ignore the incoherent babbling of the DJ, why they always have to ruin songs – ALWAYS! [thanks to somekindofawesome for supplying the rip].

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