Jon Hopkins reveals new video: Collider



Source Jon Hopkins – Immunity album artwork

Jon Hopkins decided to share the video for Collider, which is one of the songs from the artist’s latest record, Immunity, released on June 4, this year. Also starting December 9, the experimental producer will share via iTunes the extended version of this album.

The extended edition of Immunity tracklist:

01 We Disappear
02 Open Eye Signal
03 Breathe This Air
04 Collider
05 Abandon Window
06 Form By Firelight
07 Sun Harmonics
08 Immunity
09 Open Eye Signal (Happa remix)
10 Open Eye Signal (Lord Of The Isles remix)
11 Open Eye Signal (Luke Abbott remix)
12 Open Eye Signal (Nosaj Thing remix)
13 Breathe This Air [ft. Purity Ring]
14 Collider (Pangaea Remix)

There’s nothing much to say about the song, but the video is really awesome. It was directed by Tom Haines, and is about this girl that gets kind of possessed by the beat of the music. I have to say that I also like the location very much, and it goes very well with the song.

Enjoy the video!


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