Scissor Sisters: Positively Flaming

It's just science.

Kids: a helpful tip. Despite what the cool kids at your school, or your drunken, vigilante-justice-espousing father might have you believe, fighting fire with fire is rarely an advisable tactic. In actuality, what’s likely to happen is the fire you’re wielding so triumphantly will team up with the existing fire to betray, and you’ll end up just fighting fire. With your bare hands. Better to take your cue from those handsome fire engines you admire so much from your living room window with your chin held in the palm of your young hand, elbow resting on the sill, and fight fire with water.

I am Al, King of Safety.

The Scissor Sisters, vociferous glam-pop rascals returning from exile, pay heed to no such safety tips. They’ve entitled their (oh!) hotly-anticipated comeback single “Fire With Fire”, and, you know, they just about get away with such flagrant irresponsibility. “But, mister music man,” you chirpily inquire, “how?” Well, by making it a whistlingly good song, even if it’s so far failed to quite capture my imagination in the way Take Your Mama Out did so effortlessly. The video: it’s below the attractively worded cut.

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