Susan Boyle stuns the world again with Cats song

Susan Boyle Cats

Susan Boyle CatsIt’s almost impossible for anyone reading this not to know who Susan Boyle, the ugly duckling who turned into a graceful swan, is. If not, get that bolder out of your cave entrance, and type in “Susan Boyle” on YouTube. You’ll be greeted by hundreds of videos, all summing around 200 MILLION views!

It’s quite remarkable how such oases of talent get isolated and trapped from the world’s delight, so that they may unleash their incredible potential. Makes you think how much talent gets wasted every day, either because it’s not appreciated or simply not discovered. Susan Boyle got lucky, though, and it’s rare cases like these that make shows like American Idol or Britain’s Got Talent really a God-send.

Sunday night Susan performed in the semi-finals of the Britain’s Got Talent show where she simply shook the audience once again with an outstanding performance of Cats‘ Memory. Check it out bellow and share some thoughts… [pic by Dan Lacey]

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