Download: Coldplay – ‘Lost+’ (remix featuring Jay Z)



Lost is definitely my favorite song off “Viva la Vida,” Coldplay‘s latest record, released at the beginning of the summer. It’s somewhat dark vibe, amplified by the beautiful dark church-like organ, makes it beautifully haunting and melodic.

Lost+” is one of the four tracks featured on the Lost single out on November 10 (the other songs are “Lost-” and “Lost@,” and instrumental and a live version, respectively). The song is basically a remix of the original song, featuring Jay-Z rapping about on a few lines here and there and on the chorus, with some pretty interesting drum beats on the background, close to the organ I mentioned earlier. All in all, it’s sorta cool, proving some great diversification of the song.

Download: Coldplay – ‘Lost+’ (remix featuring Jay Z) – courtesy of 2dopboyz

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