Check out newest Within Temptation video ft. Tarja Turunen: Paradise (What About Us?)



Source Sharon den Adel and Tarja Turunen

Finally Within Temptation released their most awaited video for their newest song Paradise (What About Us?). The song also features the beautiful Finnish opera singer Tarja Turunen (Ex. Nightwish).

The waiting has come to an end: the new “Paradise (What About Us?)” EP and music video are out now! The lead single “Paradise (What About Us)?” featuring Tarja will be accompanied by the demo version of three songs of the upcoming album.

The tracklist of the EP is as it follows (and for more info about the EP check out the band’s official website):

1. Paradise (What About Us?)
2. Let Us Burn (demo version)
3. Silver Moonlight (demo version)
4. Dog Days (demo version)

The video is very interesting, I mean, as every Within Temptation video, it really has a story and is very very well done (and it also stars two of the most beautiful female singers from the symphonic-metal industry). There is still one thing I don’t like about the song, I mean it has everything: guitar, 2 great voices, drums, etc; but that’s not enough for my ears. If you’ve been listening to Within Temptation lately, they kind of changed their style, and now they sing something more like pop-rock. I can understand the fact that they maybe want their music to be listened by a lot of people, but the quality of the music kind of decreases with every new song.
Even though they make music for the masses, I still love’em, I mean if you watch both Tarja Turunen and Sharon den Adel live, you cannot not love’em.
Talking about live performances, you should check out their tour dates, for Tarja here and for Within Temptation here.
Enjoy the video below!

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