Single On Repeat at the Moment

Cut Your Hair – Mad Love



Now this is possibly the strangest but catchiest song I’ve heard for a while. Opening with the lyrics  “Raveee…” does make me think “what is this”? But I’m soon over that when I hear the wonderfully soothing guitar strings combine with the melodic piano riffs and vocals that may remind you of something from the 90’s . At first I assumed this was a generic indie pop band from Manchester or somewhere but after a little bit of research I found out they’re from the wonderful city of Barcelona, in Spain and I fall in love with them a bit more. The video for the song itself is very artistic and features the Spanish trio dancing on the roof of a building, playing the bongos and hanging about some abandoned warehouses covered in graffiti.


The single was released on 22nd April on Mushroom Label and will not disappoint if you’re looking for a summer style tune!

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