Download: Bell – ‘Dialtone’


Hailing from the snowy plains and peaks of Alaska, Olga Bell, or Bell as she goes by her stage name, is the latest electro-pop artist to come under my radar, and its signal is very, very strong. Then again, I just recently came across her music, but she’s been gaining praises and attention from the blogosphere’s finest since 2008’s self released six track “ep”. Now, expanded to a full three piece, the band is planing its first full length release, currently still untitled and without a clear release date, but with an incredible single to back it up and give you fine readers a taste of the band.

[MP3] Bell – Dialtone

Also, her previous single, the Magic Tape 7″ is still on a limited 500 copies sales, so buy it while you still can. “The maximalist delirium of “MAGIC TAPE” is celebratory music for hard times—-skittish, bumpy half-time verses (smacking slightly of Timbaland’s early work with Aaliyah) shimmy, simmer and eventually set off a confetti mushroom-cloud floor-slammer of a chorus, with 808 bass and heroic keytar designed to eradicate personal anxiety and (by proxy) economic strife.” [via Pasta Primavera]

[MP3] Bell – Magic Tape

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