Download: Dirty Projectors – Ascending Melody 7″


After a marvelous year of 2009, in which Dirty Projectors released one of the best records of the year once with the almost complete Bitte Orca, it seems Dave Longstreth and co. have started the new year on a jovial note, seeing how they’ve just recently offered the brand new “Ascending Melody” 7″ up for free download. Both songs are brand new, Ascending Melody and Emblem of the World (b/w), remnants from the Bitte Orca recording sessions, and can be downloaded for free on the band’s website. If you prefer the physical release, you can grab a limited copy at Domino Records. You can check out the flip, Emblem of the World bellow: [via YANP!]

[MP3] Dirty Projectors – ‘Emblem of the World’

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