New Dirty Projectors video: ‘Stillness is the Move’

Dirty Projectors Stillness Is Move

Dirty Projectors Stillness Is MoveBitte Orca,” the latest album from behalf of one of New York’s most talented experimentalists Dirty Projectors, is without a doubt in this year’s top 10 albums so far, and “Stillness is the Move” is simply a jewel of a single. The beat, the vocals, the lyrics, everything sounds just delightful  – a true treat for the ears.

The video directed by Matthew Lessner, how bizarre it may seem at first glance, is equally as stunning, although those jumpsuits don’t do the girls any justice at all. Dave strolling the country side with his llama pet is never a dull sight, though.

Bitte Orca is available now via Domino Records. [via Stereogum]

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