Download new Oasis song ‘Falling Down’ + new album art

Dig Out Your Soul

Dig Out Your Soul
The cover art for Oasis’s upcoming album, Dig Out Your Soul, out October 7th

Well, the last news I expected from Oasis right now was concerning their upcoming album. I mean, I was certain we’d hear something of a response from Noel Gallagher, regarding the whole Jay-Z/Oasis dissing from a few days. Anyway, I’m glad the band has somewhat abandoned their publicity whoring, for a while at least, and concentrated on what really matters: music.

Today, we got treated to a new song from Oasis, titled “Falling Down,” released as a forbearer for the upcoming new singles to get released at the end of the summer. The song is set to get featured on the forthcoming album, “Dig Out Your Soul,” out October 7th ’08. Surprisingly or not, the song is quite fitting, with at least a notch ahead of the mediocre stuff Oasis has released in the last 2 albums at least. Let’s just hope for the best from the upcoming material. The mp3 of the song is bellow along with the Dig Out Your Soul tracklist.


Dig Out Your Soul:

  1. Bag It Up
  2. The Turning
  3. Waiting for the Rapture
  4. The Shock of the Lightning
  5. I’m Outta Time (Liam Gallagher)
  6. (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady
  7. Falling Down
  8. To Be Where There’s Life (Gem Archer)
  9. Ain’t Got Nothin (L. Gallagher)
  10. The Nature of Reality (Andy Bell)
  11. Soldier On (L. Gallagher)

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