Wu Tang Clan have the green light to sample The Beatles

Wu Tang Clan The Beatles
Rap demigods [tag]Wu Tang Clan[/tag] have managed to be the first ever musical group to be allowed to legally sample [tag]The Beatles[/tag]. A mighty feat no doubt. The song in question to be sampled is “As My Guitar Gently Weeps” and as we reported a while back it’s set to feature guitarist John Frusciante from RHCP and George Harrison’s 21 year old son, Dhani Harrison on acoustics.

The cover is set to appear on the upcoming new clan album “8 Diagrams,” that sadly due to label issues has been postponed to be released on December 4, instead of November 13. This latest sampling approval may spark a wave of Beatles sampling all around the world, I could only imagine what the likes of [tag]Daft Punk[/tag] or even [tag]Kanye West[/tag] could do if they had covering rights.

Until the December release you can make a effort and catch Wu Tang live on their fall tour, partial dates and cities have already been released yesterday, but venues still remain a mystery. So far the tour looks like this:

October 20: Miami, FL – TBA
October 21: Atlanta, GA – TBA
October 22: North Carolina – TBA
October 23: Vermont – TBA
October 24: Connecticut – TBA
October 25: Baltimore, MD – TBA
October 26: Boston, MA – TBA
October 27: New York, NY – TBA
October 28: New Jersey – TBA
October 30: Cincinnati, OH – TBA
October 31: Madison, WI – TBA
November 1: Detroit, MI – TBA
November 3: Chicago, IL – TBA
November 4: Milwaukee, WI – TBA
November 5: Memphis, TN – TBA
November 7: Oklahoma City, OK – TBA
November 8: Dallas, TX – TBA
November 10: Austin, TX – TBA
November 11: Denver, CO – TBA
November 14: Phoenix, AZ – TBA
November 15: Utah – TBA
November 16: Las Vegas, NV – TBA
November 17: Los Angeles, CA – TBA
November 18: San Francisco, CA – TBA
November 20: Portland, OR – TBA
November 23: Hawaii – TBA

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