QOTSA finally released the video for The Vampyre of Time and Memory



Source Fancy picture from the video

Yes, the guys from QOTSA finally decided to share with us the video for The Vampyre of Time and Memory, and as I promised I am going to write something about it. These dudes practically promised to share this video 1 day before Halloween but they didn’t kept their promise. They also released a teaser for this video, you can check it out on their official website.

The song, The Vampyre of Time and Memory is one of the most interesting songs (from my point of view, of course) from the band’s latest album, … Like Clockwork, released in June this year. There is also a whole website dedicated to this new video, so you can check it out here. I think that this is the main reason for the band’s delay.

Talking about the video, the directors Arens and Trucco actually said that:

Working on this Queens video was the ultimate artistic joyride. Joshua Homme and company gave us the creative keys to the car from word go… and Josh has a badass car. Vampyre is such a thick track… On the technology side, Darknet was the perfect forward-thinking company to push the boundaries of music video presentation. All art is technology, technology that shares an experience or an idea. Vampyre uses all the tools available to us today to share a meaningful common experience.

I bet that now you are very curious about this video, so enjoy it below because it deserved every minute of awaiting.

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