Download: Sufjan Stevens – ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ + more goodies

Sufjen Stevens Santa
Photo by Mocking Music

If the recent shopping spree traffic had some negative affect on your jovial holiday spirit, here’s a bit of spiritual elevation from behalf, of whom has recently become to us the new indie Christmas elf, [tag]Sufjan Stevens[/tag]. Sounds Familyre just compiled a list of new interpretations of traditional Christmas carols as well as original songs, with free streams and mp3, that also includes Sufjan’s take of the classic “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”


Oh and we didn’t name little Sufjan this year Santa’s little helper for nothing. Over the years he’s recorded a Christmas EP for his friends and family, who’s tracks sprung up all over mp3 blogs and in the end was commercially available at Asthmatic Kitty. My favorite songs are “Sister Winter” and “That Was The Worst Christmas Ever;” they can be downloaded bellow, enjoy them as much as I do.

[MP3] Sufjan Stevens – ‘Sister Winter
[MP3] Sufjan Stevens – ‘That Was The Worst Christmas Ever

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