New Blitzen Trapper video: ‘Black River Killer’

Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer

Blitzen Trapper - Black River KillerBlitzen Trapper‘s last year full length effort “Furr“was with out a doubt their best work as of yet, as well as one of the best album put out in 2008. Since I first listened to it a long, long time ago, the Dylan-esque “Black River Killer” has always struck out to me as the definite stand out amongst the 12 other gems. The Daniel Elkayam directed video shot for it doesn’t fall any shorter as well, impressing us with its stunning visual work, as well as with the amount of logistics poured into it – considering it’s an indie act of course. Here’s what recently Blitzen Trapper’s drummer, Brian Koch, had to say about the video for Spinner:

“Black River Killer” represents not only our first attempt at a fully live action video, but also a massive collaborative effort on the part of at least 120 people in and around Portland.

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