New Cat Power video: ‘Metal Heart’ (live @ Letterman)

A lot of people have been criticizing singer/songwriter Chan Marshall for her latest covers, from the recent Jukebox, most saying they don’t live up to the originals. I’m not quite sure how to comment this, but Chan’s definitely a very talented artist and I actually thought Jukebox to be a lovely collection of covers. Covers that were at least faithfully renditioned and truly paid a homage to their originals. Well enough with the haters. Cat Power played live yesterday night on Letterman, where they played Moon Pix’s classic “Metal Heart,” fresh after their Leno performance from the beginning of March, when Chan and her backing band played Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” The performance? Solid, but let me tell you there’s something really fishy going one with that laddy’s stage persona. Someone at an indie board (can’t remember which) compared her to “weird confused polar bear.” Definitely awkward, but her voice is pure sex.

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