New Chromatics video: ‘Killing Spree’

For their latest single, the Portland synthpop duo Chromatics, have chosen to make a more darker and creepier video, then those with which they’ve accustomed us with; definitively much more creepier. The video in cause is for the haunting instrumental “Killing Spree,” off of the band’s last year effort “Night Drive“, in which director Johnny Jewel has done a remarkable job at capturing the song’s creepy, haunting vibe on the tube, YouTube actually (bad joke, ok). The video was filmed with a on “a Soviet Pentavax Cinemataire 12 mm camera” (talk about vintage cinematography) in a unknown location and is centered around Ruth Radelet, as she swims about in the water and the next second her body floats around a lake of some sort. The bellow video is the censored version, so we can’t help wondering what happened to Ruth, something violent perhaps ?

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