New Pinback video: ‘From Nothing TO Nowhere’

I’ve been a really huge fan of Pinback, ever since their early days, when they weren’t big or anything. Time has passed and they’ve steadily grown in popularity and beards, but luckily Pinback is not one of those bands that sells out or turn overly commercial, their still playing their thing after almost 10 years now. “From Nothing To Nowhere” is their first video of their upcoming forth album Autumn Of The Seraphs, due 9/11; a simple, but fun video. The band is depicted as rocking out on a isolated location, in pitch black conditions (lucky for those reflectors), with aurora borealis swirling above them (nice SFX guys). Rob Crow’s beard is always fun to watch, although I never quite understood why he makes those grimmy faces when he’s singing like, he’s playing [tag]Slayer[/tag] or something.

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