Pearl Jam’s Backspacer cover art goes more viral than EBOLA



The cover art for Pearl Jam's new album - Backspacer. Click for larger view.

For Pearl Jam‘s new record art work the band employed a questionably well elaborated mix between guerrilla and internet marketing. The art work, designed by long time friend and collaborator of the band Tom Tomorrow, was split into 9 pieces which were scattered all across the internet, and fans had to put them all together to get the final cut. Yeah, we spoiled all the fun with the above caption, but that’s the internet for you. Still, that’s not all you get for compiling the art – you also get a fine bonus. Yeah, you’ve guessed it, a new PJ track. I won’t spoil the fun on this one….

OK, here’s a bit of help though. Here’s where you can find the art:

Backspacer is out September 20th.

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