Pavement headline/curate next year’s ATP



Last month, in what’s most probably the most unexpected moment of the year, modern indie rock forefathers Pavement announced that the band will indeed reform for a run of shows exactly a year from now. Like most of us thought, Pavement won’t make do with just a few nights at the Central Park Summer Stage and will also play other venues, the first until now being their confirmed appearance as headliners/curators at the 2010 All Tomorrow’s Parties 14-16 May weekends in Minehead, England. Ticks go on sale starting this Friday! Oh, be on the look out for a news piece announcing Pavement for the Coachella fest. I’d be willing to bet good money they’ll play there too. [via P4K]

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  • adult video on demand

    I can’t tell if the post is much like by many people or is bashed by some, but all I can tell is that I am liking this post more and more each time I review or reread it. And I can tell you I have reread it once or twice already.

  • dracopticon

    Some of those looks more like Larry Niven’s Ringworld than a space station.

  • edallmighty

    Now I see where the movie Elysium got it’s set inspiration.

  • theonlyhalf

    HALO anyone?

  • Sissiboo Smith

    The original idea was that the resources/minerals/slag/filler would come from the moon and the asteroids. No big lift from earth. The big colonies in space were supposed to earn money by creating solar power stations for earth.

  • The Full Metal Procrastinist

    In the years since I posted that comment, there has been much serious discussion and thought on asteroid mining. Even so, there would need to be thousands of tonnes of equipment and material you’d have to get up there just to start the industrial process. Drillers, smelters, presses and all the associated machinery would have to be put into orbit before we could star to process the raw materials from the moon/asteroids.

    A bit more feasible but given the payload of most rockets, especially at that time, were pitifully small it would have been at a great cost to kick things off in space.

    That said I hope SpaceX achieves it’s goals in its timeframe so I can visit Mars in my life :)