Shiflett Not Shiftless: Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants

While writing this article, I'm listening to The Band's "Stage Fright" album, while watching My Wife and Kids on the tele-vision with the sound muted. This, my friends, is living.

Chris Shiflett, the Foo Fighter-who-isn’t-Dave-Grohl (no, not Taylor Hawkins. And no, not the goofy-looking guy what used to play extra guitar for Nirvana – Dirk Gently, or whatever his name was. Because Nirvana songs totally needed two guitars. Not him. The other one. Anyway) recently released his first album with his new side-band, The Dead Peasants. Which is an awful, awful band name, I know, but let’s not let that derail the very point of this post: that they have also released the video for their lead single, “Get Along”. And quite pleasing it is too. So I’ll embed it below, and allow you to savour its charms. Meanwhile, I’ll investigate getting a review copy of the album.

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