New Music Monday: 12 May

Things have cooled off a bit, after these last few weeks of really serious releases. Nevertheless, there’s still a few interesting stuff out this week, that will definitely grace your ears with some fine music.  First off there’s the pop/rock/acoustic/jazz, and whatever different genres he’s playing, singer/songwriter Jason Mraz, with his highly anticipated third record “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things.”  One of my old time favorites, the indie rock quartet Death Cab for Cutie, are also back with a new record, this time with “Narrow Stairs“, a highly praised released by critics all around.  Punk rockers The Explosion also have some new music instored for us, in the form of “Bury Me Standing,” which unfortunately is their last record together, after just recently announcing they were gonna split up. Finally there’s the Welsh soul diva Duffy, who’s been getting a shit load of attention after her debut record, “Rockferry,” hit Europe in March; now it’s time for the US fans to get a taste of her music.

Jason Mraz  	We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things
Jason Mraz: We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things

Duffy - Rockferry
Duffy: Rockferry

Toy Gun Cowboy  	Big Blue
Toy Gun Cowboy: Big Blue

The T4 Project  	Story-Based Concept Album
The T4 Project: Story-Based Concept Album

The Architects  	Vice
The Architects: Vice

Patti Rothberg  	Double Standards
Patti Rothberg: Double Standards

Joseph Arthur: Could We Survive
Joseph Arthur: Could We Survive

Old 97s  	Blame It on Gravity
Old 97s: Blame It on Gravity

Death Cab For Cutie  	Narrow Stairs
Death Cab For Cutie: Narrow Stairs

Foxy Brown  	Brooklyn\'s Don Diva
Foxy Brown: Brooklyn’s Don Diva

The Explosion  	Bury Me Standing
The Explosion: Bury Me Standing

10 Years  	Division
10 Years: Division

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