New Music Monday: 21 April

Goldfinger Hello Destiny

Hope you’ve saved some money folks, cause this week’s a definite killer, in terms of new release. We’ve got tons of new music, spearheaded by titan Elvis Costello, closely followed by the British lo-fi rockers Elbow. Another interesting release to pick up is the debut album from The Shadow Puppets, titled The Age Of The Understatement, formed by Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) and MIles Kane (The Rascals). And of course I couldn’t have rapped up this week’s New Music Monday post without mentioning my favorite record, from the one and only Flight Of The Conchords (listen to this and you’ll soon share my love).

Other notable releases includes new music from Tokyo Police Club, dEUS, Whitesnake and Barry Adamson.

Elvis Costello  	Momofuku
Elvis Costello: Momofuku

Flight Of The Conchords  	Flight Of The Conchords
Flight Of The Conchords: Flight Of The Conchords

Barry Adamson  	Back to the Cat
Barry Adamson: Back to the Cat

Atmosphere  	When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint that Shit Gold
Atmosphere: When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint that Shit Gold

Anew Revolution  	Rise
A New Revolution: Rise

Story of the Year  	The Black Swan
Story of the Year: The Black Swan

Elbow  	The Seldom Seen Kid
Elbow: The Seldom Seen Kid

Last Shadow Puppets  	The Age Of Understatement
Last Shadow Puppets: The Age Of Understatement

Phil Vassar  	Prayer Of A Common Man
Phil Vassar: Prayer Of A Common Man

Blind Melon  	For My Friends
Blind Melon: For My Friends

Tokyo Police Club  	Elephant Shell
Tokyo Police Club: Elephant Shell

dEUS  	Vantage Point
dEUS: Vantage Point

Whitesnake  	Good To Be Bad
Whitesnake: Good To Be Bad

Ashlee Simpson  	Bittersweet World
Ashlee Simpson: Bittersweet World

Billy Bragg  	Mr. Love & Justice
Billy Bragg: Mr. Love & Justice

Goldfinger  	Hello Destiny
Goldfinger: Hello Destiny

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