Black Label Society began working on a new album


Black Label Society decided to work at a new album after 3 years (actually these guys haven’t released any new material since their latest album, Order of the Black, released in 2010).

Talking to Billboard, Wylde said that:

It’ll have all the heavy riffs and other stuff everyone knows and loves… Order Of The Black was already three years ago, which is pretty insane. But the whole time we’ve been working, touring and stuff like that; it’s not like we’ve been sitting around the house. It’s crazy because back in the beginning of Black Label we were pumping out an album a year and constantly touring. But don’t mind doing it this way, either

Also the band releases on 24th October this year, a new acoustic album, Unblackened.

Zakk also said about this acoustic album that:

That’s not what it is. It’s not me just sitting around with an acoustic (guitar) or whatever, playing real quiet and pretty. This stuff is intense, too. And I’m playing piano. There’s some electric slide guitar. There’s a bunch of Marshalls for some of the choruses. It’s just another way to hear Black Label Society, y’know?

The Unblackened album contains mostly songs from the band’s live performance at Club Nokia in LA, but it also contains six new recordings like: Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone, Song For You and some new versions of the band’s Queen of Sorrow, Won’t Find It Here, etc.
Check out below the BLS version of Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone from Unblackened.

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