MGMT’s new album gets titled



The Brooklyn dance punk duo have gone a long way since their first major label debut, “Oracular Spectacular“, got out back in 2007, propulsating them to instant stardom. It’s been hectic – it can be pretty clear for anyone to notice, fact noted by the band numerous times before too. Let’s just hope that MGMT‘s upcoming new album, just recently dubbed “Congratulations“, isn’t going to be affected by the incredibly massive hype their break through debut caused. Talking about the upcoming album, band members said “it’s us trying to deal with all the craziness that’s been going on since our last album took off. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel natural.”

Recordings took place in Malibu with Pete Kember, ex-member of Spacemen 3, with so far confirmed vocal contributions from Royal Trux singer Jennifer Herrema. Actually, the band have already played a few songs from the new albums, during some of their live sets while touring this past summer. Check out some YouTube streams bellow – the quality is quite surprisingly decent. MGMT’s upcoming Congratulations is slated for a early 2010 release, with most voices speculating a March 1st release.

MGMT – “Congratulations” (live)

MGMT – “It’s Working” (live)

MGMT – “Song for Dan Treacy” (live)

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