Listen the newest Skrillex EP: Leaving



Source. Skrillex – Leaving EP

The newest Skrillex material entitled Leaving, actually has only three songs: Leaving, Scary Bolly Dub and The Reason. According to Rolling Stone, this guy says that he just finished the recording in his hotel room:

I made ‘Leaving’ in my hotel room in Mexico and just finished ‘The Reason’ an hour ago in my hotel room in Miami. I guess it’s just kind of a reflection of how I’m feeling right now.

It’s interesting how artists nowadays compose and record music, just like that, no studios, no rehearsals, no nothing. And what can I say, these songs are very deep, they really express something, I just can’t figure out what. Oh well, I’m letting you guys decide if you like it or not, because all I can hear is noise-noise-computer-noise-voice-noise.

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