Own Elvis’ autopsy tools


I shit you not, you can now own the medical tools used for Elvis Presley’s autopsy. The auction, which happens next month, is split into two lots. That, I must say, is a whole new level of fucked up when it comes to celebrity memorabilia. You can own the rubber gloves, the forceps and even the aneurysm hooks that (supposedly) “had postmortem contact with the singer.” Hell, you can own the fucking coffin shipping invoice if you want.

Mary Williams sums it up rather nicely: “It’s really about owning a piece of the celebrity themselves, and how much closer can you get than the actual embalming instruments?”

Clearly, you can’t get closer than that I guess. Unless you had his heart. Or his skin.

The most fucked up part? The two lots are expected to go for low five figures, somewhere between $10,000 and $14,000.


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