Tickets soon to be on sale for Download Festival ’08

Download Festival crowd 2006

This weekend, between 08-10 June 2007, the ’07 Download Festival was held in the traditional location of Donington Park, where as usual there was some hard rocking. Some great bands played this year and really gave an outstanding performance, to name a few [tag]Iron Maiden[/tag], [tag] Linkin Park[/tag], [tag]My Chemical Romance[/tag], [tag]Marlyn Manson[/tag], [tag]Mastodon[/tag] (God do they surely know to pack some racket ! ) and a lot of great artists.

The festival has just barely concluded and already the organizers have their minds set on the next Download Festival in 2008. Tickets for the upcoming show, which will be held on June 13-15, will be put on sale from this Friday (June 15) at 9am, at current prices.

Stuart Galbraith, the man in charge of Download Festival, said that he was very pleased as this years concerts went on very smoothly with no incidents, awesome performances and good ol’ hard rockin’ . “The weekend has been absolutely fantastic and ran extremely smoothly. There has been a significant reduction in numbers treated for serious medical reason, and there have been no major incidents to report.”

Galbraith also said for, hinting for next years event, that he would very much like it if [tag]AC/DC[/tag], [tag]Foo Fighters[/tag] and [tag]Muse[/tag] would came to play as headliners. “I would have these three because they reflect the enormous breadth of rock music at Download, he said. “We’d have Foo Fighters and Muse because they’re cutting edge and I’d have AC/DC because they’re absolutely classic and I’ve wanted them to play here for the last five years.”

Download is also looking to expand to two more countries, following the US Download Festival recent success, looking to establish it as a global event. As the festival is owned and managed by Live Nation i can see that happen, maybe grow to the proportions of [tag]Live Earth[/tag], we’ll see ;).

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