24 Hours of hardcore punk, brought to you by Steven Blush

The guy behind American Hardcore: A Tribal History, a book detailing the history of hardcore punk that later spawned a film, has uploaded 24 hours of hardcore punk (911 songs).

The set contains all the logical inclusions: D.R.I., Black Flag, Bad Religion, NOFX, and Scream (the band Dave Grohl was in before Nirvana). You can stream any of the 911 songs or download them if you like.

Which is what makes this compilation slightly dubious. You see, it’s clear Blush didn’t bother to actually to contact of any or all these bands (or whoever else owns the publishing rights) because there is a message at the top reading, “COPYRIGHT HOLDERS: I will delete your tracks at your request.”

So I guess….listen and/or download before this great stuff (maybe) taken down.

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