Download: Jay-Z – ‘Remember’

Jay Z Obama

Jay Z Obama

Call it foresight, high statistical measurement or simply woman’s intuition, but it seems Jay-Z put his bets right, as far as the recent US elections are concerned.

Right after the 5th of November and the consequent Obama presidential victory, there were hundreds of bands flooding the Internet with various victory songs – Jay didn’t go any lower, either. “History” is the title track of his latest song buzzing through the airwaves at the moment, and it features a lot of harmonies, choruses, lighters, calls to justice and unfortunately a lot of radio jiggles and annoying DJ watermarks (it’s radio rip, go figure). Anyway, the song’s more then interesting and if it’s indeed part of the upcoming Bluepring 3.

Download: Jay Z – ‘History’ [MP3]

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