So Kanye put a new single out this week

To be exact, it was two days ago (Tuesday, January 11) and it’s called “H.A.M.” The single is taken from the forthcoming album he made with Jay-Z called Watch The Throne, due out sometime in March.

Oh, and he (originally) released it on the official Facebook page for the album. I kid you not. In order to hear it (or, rather, have heard it), you have to like the page. It’s worth your time, of course….if a little absurd. But, hey, brilliant marketing, right? You can also hear it over here.

Anyhow, the track – produced by Lex Lugor – is not your typical Kayne single. Which is to say, it is. What I mean is that by now we should all be used to Kanye surprising us with a new direction, or a variant on a previous theme. Here, he and Jay trade braggadocio verses over a beat that borrows from the current electro-pop craze (that West, by the way, was ahead of when me made Graduation). It features a skittering beat that forces both rappers to rap in near-double-time in order to keep up. They do it flawlessly and out of it comes a fantastic track seeing two of modern music’s best at the top of their respective games. I won’t ruin what the acronym stands for, mainly cause it’s sorta ridiculous. Entertaining, but ridiculous. I won’t ruin the end of the song, either, as that’s a big left hook. Kinda like most of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Gotta love Kanye.

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