New DJ Shadow songs – ‘Def Surrounds Us’ – ‘I’ve been Trying’


Sorry for neglecting the blog these past few weeks, but hopefully I’ll be back on my normal posting schedule starting today, and what better way to start it off than with some brand new DJ Shadow material and inside scoop. The influential hip-hop producer is set to release a much welcomed new album next year, which he assures “it will sound different from the last one” – I can only rejoice at this one, since 2006’s “The Outsider” did nothing to covince me. I’m not waiting for another “Endtroducing“, that would be setting my hopes too high and disappointment would soon follow upon the release, but from the two new tracks he’s posted on his bandcamp page, I’m pretty thrilled. “Def Surrounds Us” shows that Shadow still has what it takes to make a killer track, spanning at over 7 minutes, this experimental track goes up and down like a roller coaster taking the listener from bristling trip-hop, to breakbeat, to 2×2 garage. “I’ve Been Trying’ is much moodier and sees Shadow in a rarely caught bluesy vibe.

<a href="">&quot;Def Surrounds Us&quot; b/w &quot;I&#8217;ve Been Trying&quot; by DJ Shadow</a>

You can download the two tracks off DJ Shadow’s upcoming new album absolutely for free at bandcamp, but take notice you only have a few hours left to do so. I’ve the download link don’t work anymore by the time you read this, try searching for the songs at or

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