Download: Röyksopp – ‘Hus Nr. 9’


Last year’s Junior was among the best electronic albums I’ve ever heard, and trust me coming from a well versed techno head this means something. For 2010 the Norwegian duo are planning to continue Junior’s success with, of course, SeniorRöyksopp‘s new album slated for a September 13 release. According to the band, the upcoming new record’s sound is somewhat reinvented when compared with its predecessor – the vibe is atmospheric, chilled and weary, as opposed to the energetic, anthemic Junior. Yes, it’s gonna be a whole lot different, but this does nothing but make things a lot more interesting. “Hus Nr. 9” is a free brand new track released by the band, as part of their Track of the Month series where Royksopp uploads rehashes of their past work for the adoring listener, which kinda fits the profile of Senior. Slightly obscure and atmospheric, Hus Nr. 9 sees Royksopp dwell into new uncharted territory.

His the arrow button on the player above to download the song. You’re welcome.

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