The Avett Brothers @ Daytrotter Session

The Avett Brothers

The Avett BrothersThe North Carolina bluegrass quartet The Avett Brothers recorded an incredible Daytrotter session a few months ago, during the bands stint at SXSW. Like always in their live performances, The Avett Brothers were simply incredible, shinning thanks to their rootsy, soulful approach to music. Sincere, from the heart music is hard to find during our contemporary vocal auto-tune money chasing times, such that these four live gems landed by the brothers should not go unnoticed.

In the four track session, the band also played “Laundry Room” a new track off their new and upcoming album “I and Love and You,” as well as an unreleased track called “More of You.” I and Love and You lands in record shelves on September 29. Check out the Avett Brothers live session down at Daytrotter or right bellow.
[MP3] The Avett Brothers – ‘ Laundry Room’ (@Daytrotter)
[MP3] The Avett Brothers – ‘A Lover Like You ‘ (@Daytrotter)
[MP3] The Avett Brothers – ‘More of You’ (@Daytrotter)
[MP3] The Avett Brothers – ‘Paranoia in B Major’ (@Daytrotter)

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