‘OK Computer’ tribute cover compilation by stereogum

OK Computer stereogum

The guys down at stereogum took the time to ask various artists to cover all the songs from the much acclaimed [tag]Radiohead[/tag] classic album “OK Computer”, as a tribute compilation, celebrating the albums 10th anniversary. Dubbed the best album of the ’90 by Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and best album of all time by SPIN magazine, “OK Computer” was the record that changed my perception over music, I never ever listened to something close to this, all the tracks are almost flawless, my only regret is that i didn’t pick it up and gave it a listen until 5 years ago.

The cover tracks are really great and are all worth a listen, participating artists include Doveman, Slaraffenland, Mobius Band, David Bazan, John Vanderslice, Cold War Kids, The Twilight Sad, and My Brightest Diamond, to name a few and apart from their cover version each artists took the time to say a few words about their track they were covering. Here’s one of the songs covered description, by Nathan Willett from Cold War Kids:

A debate to determine best song from OK Computer amongst my friends would surely end in camps divided and eventually, one person telling another that they are an idiot. Hot subject matter, like talking about The White Album. I’m not saying “Electioneering” is the best song on the album, but (still, a big claim!) it’s certainly the most badass. It’s lyrically everything we want to do – bursts of concrete imagery. It’s the only album that I feel compelled to say way too grandiose things about, that rock journalists have already said plenty: Like that OK Computer is the single most important album to be released during my youth and that it was a rite of passage. But that really is the truth and I have never had an emotional connection with an album quite like I have with this one. -Nathan Willett, Cold War Kids

Check stereogum’s excellent article here, where you’ll be able all to download all the 12 tracks covered, read a full essay on the LP, as well as artist opinions.

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