Indie Artists vs Label Artists: The Money Breakdown

Click on the image for a larger view.

Click on the image for a larger view.

I just just came across this infographic while browsing the web, which I find somewhat relevant and post-worthy since it does  a very good job in summarizing the financial relationship between artists and labels. Somewhat because the infographic is extremely exagerated regarding the indie figures – you don’t  just record an EP, through it on iTunes, and that’s that. The business model is much more rooted than that; there’s promotion, PR, tours, production work, etc, etc. Still, no one should find themselves wondering where did all the rock stars go – they’re all broke! [via HyperBot]

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  • Mihai Andrei

    This has nothing to do with indie or any type of genre for that matter. It’s all about supporting independent releases, because fuck it man, I don’t think the label does 2/3 of the music I listen to. If a somebody sells a few paintings, how much does the gallery get ? Not that damn much man.