Lily Allen tries to piggyback on Brazil World Cup hype with “unofficial World Cup song”

Image via The Guardian.

The Football World Cup in Brazil is just around the corner, with 9 days left. For you Americans out there, that’d be ‘soccer’, but for the rest of us, it’s football. Every world cup has a song, and this year… well, it kind of sucks; big time. Pitbull feat. Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte – We Are One (Ole Ola). You can almost tell how bad it is just from the name. You can listen to it below (go ahead, I dare you), but let me just write a few things better than this song: Jack White’s new album. This guy playing Slayer on his banjo. Sebastian Bach singing a Maroon 5 song. Sebastian Bach singing a Lady Gaga song. A yogurt. Bread. Well, you get the point.

Taking advantage of the lack of a good song and her success from 4 years ago with “Waka Waka”, Shakira has also released a Brazil 2014 themed song – La la la (seriously, what’s up with these names?). The song starts off nice, but the electronic “let go” intermezzo is a pain – this is clearly no Waka Waka. Even so, it’s much more catchy, it has a Brazilian vibe and makes me want to play football more than Pitbull, so it’s OK.

People will be a bit confused by having two World Cup songs, I guess there’s no big problem. But wait! Lily Allen is, and she’s shared a new song, “Bass Like Home“, which she called her “unofficial #worldcup song.”

So what does this song have to do with the World Cup? Spoiler alert: nothing. To me, it just seems like Lily Allen is trying to piggyback the hype train. The song is quite good, it has a sort of old school disco vibe to it which makes it really catchy, and I really dig it. Just doesn’t have anything to do with Brazil. Oh well…


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