Sepultura release 25 year anniversary beer

Brazilian trash metal legends Sepultura have released their own brand of beer to celebrate their 25th anniversary; being a man who a) loves Seputura and b) loves beer – it’s pretty hard not to love this.

However, the beer (called SEPULTURA Weizen) is described as having “a turbidity caused by natural yeast in suspension” and “aroma and flavors of banana and clove from a special strain of yeast that produces the chemicals that lead to these perceptions” – which makes quite a good case for loving it. I mean, I aside for the fact that I like my beers beer flavored (as opposed to banana flavored) – I was expecting the beer to be more like Sepultura: bad ass, heavy, and in your face!

Sepultura have joined the likes of Motorhead and AC/DC, who have also released their own beers. Motorhead’s beer is also fruity, while AC/DC’s lager has a caramel touch. What makes these heavy bands release such beers?

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