Sharon from Within Temptation records with Armin van Buuren

Both Within Temptation and Armin van Buuren are from the Netherlands; but that’s where the similarities end. The band shows a brilliant metal/goth spirit, being probably the best artist of the genre while Armin is considered by most to be the best DJ in the whole world. But still, it’s a pretty large bridge to cross.

While I have to say the song is a great trance one, it’s nowhere near anything WT’s greatest work. I hope Sharon will take this as a once every 2-3 years kind of project and stick to her roots. Here’s what the band’s official site had to say (I couldn’t find what Armin had to say, if you come across it, please let me know, add a comment or something):

About a year ago we were approached by number-1 DJ of the world Armin van Buuren for a possible cooperation. Due to a lack of time nothing could be produced or written. […] Now WT is starting with the creative process for the next album I decided to contact Armin as well. By that time he was busy finalizing his new album „Imagine“, but he did send me one track. I started working on it and wrote lyrics & a melody line for the song. Then we recorded the song which resulted in „In and Out of Love“. The song became one of his favourite tracks on the album

Without further ado, here’s the clip, In and out of love:

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