So will the Grammy nominees please stand up

The biggest thing here is Kanye West with no less than 8 categories. Other nominees include Amy Winehouse with 6 as well as Foo Fighters, Jay-Z, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and T-Pain with 5.

This is a bit surprising because this release of the Foo Fighters was a bit weaker than their previous work but they were accepted a bit better by the critics than a part of their fans which claim that they were a bit redundant. They were were nominated for 5 Grammy Awards including Album of the Year and Best Rock Album (Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace), Record of the Year, Best Hard Rock Performance, and Best Rock Song (awarded to the songwriter) (“The Pretender”).

Amy Winehouse is a subject for debate from numerous reasons. Her life is not a topic here and it should not be anywhere for a fact but it is obvious that she is not doing so well. But she did fantastic in her carreer and was nominated in all four of the top categories: record of the year, album of the year, song of the year (a songwriter’s award), and best new artist.

To be a bit malitious we could say that the thing which would be of upmost interest would be to watch her perform. Would be nice to see a duet with Britney or something.

But the man which topped the grammys without even making a big fuss was the favorite hip-hop child, Kanye West. But here is the fun thing. He is even up against himself in two categories.

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