Green Days release new EP under a new secret sideproject [?]

Green Day
A few days ago, a new garage rock band came to our attention, in the form of the ’60 revivalists Foxboro Hot Tubs, that apparently sprung out of nowhere and met with instant success after posting 3 tracks at their myspace. Through concise research, the band turned out to be none other then the punk meisters of [tag]Green Day[/tag], after they got exposed due to frontman’s Billie Joe Armstrong unmistakable vocals and even rhythm signature percussion work from behalf of Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool.

On December 8, Foxboro Hot Tubs have released their debut self titled 6 track EP, that can be streamed and downloaded absolutely for free at their website. The record is a sweet mixture of vintage ’60 garage rock and early punk rock, that sounds very much like such classic acts as [tag]Iggy Pop[/tag] or [tag]The Smiths[/tag]. The usage of samples from various classic movies at the beginning of certain tracks, both once again proves we’re dealing with Green Day (sampling is a long favorite of theirs) and enhances the garage revivalist vibe, that hovers around the EP.

None of the band’s officials, or band members for that matter, have recognized that indeed Foxboro Hot Tubs is Green Day in disguise, but all proof points to them. This is not the first time Green Day has released material under a secret project, after their last endeavor, four years ago, under the moniker of Network, titled “Money Money 2020”.

Foxboro Hot Tubs tracklist:

1. “Stop Drop and Roll”
2. “Mother Mary”
3. “Ruby Room”
4. “Red Tide”
5. “Highway 1”
6. “She’s a Saint, Not a Celebrity”

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