New 50 Cent: ‘Follow My Lead’ (feat. Robert Thicke)

This is the video that caused [tag]50 Cent[/tag] a serious meltdown this week, after he released the video for Ayo Technology (feat JT), his next video “Follow My Lead“, that wasn’t supposed to be released until late October, was leaked. That led Fifty to address some harsh words to Interscope officials and threaten not to promote the album until it’s release on 9/11. The video starts off with a scene where 50 is like all frustrated and stuff, women problems it seems, and decides to attend some serious therapy. The psychiatrist, none other then one of my favorite actors Dustin Hoffman, apparently found 50’s problem, the problem is that he can’t seem to address women by their names, but instead he uses the appellative “bitch”. The psychiatrist then turns to hypnosis, deja-vu i know, after which we find 50 in a club of some sort, singing along Robert Thicke.

On a similar note, 50 recently stated that if [tag]Kanye West[/tag]’s “Graduation”, set to be released on the same date as “Curtis”, will outsale his solo album, then he will quite making solo albums. Officially I’m a Kanye fan !

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