New Girl Talk video: ‘Still Here’ [fan video]

Who here doesn’t love sample mashups? I know I find them yummy and Girl Talk is one of the people who’s brought it to a state of art. Feed the Animals, his latest and fourth album is another record comprised exclusively out of samples from other people’s music, with a few dashes of original GT instrumentation here and there. “Still Here” may just be my favorite song, off the June 19th released album, but what really bugged me was the fact there wasn’t any music video for it, especially considering mashups make awesome videos. Just look at a few of the artists featured on Still Here: Radiohead, 50 Cent, Fergie, Kennie Loggins, Beck, Cat Stevens and a lot more. Fear not, a very kind and thoughtful fan with a lot of time on his hands made a really awesome video, that goes hand in hand with the music, syncing perfectly!

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