The Top 20 Music Videos of 2009

Don’t you just love year-end lists? I know I do. It’s a time where I can look back and reminisce with pleasure at all the great moments in music which occurred year long. It’s also a time where I can catch up with a lot of artists and albums that I might happen to miss, and, trust me, there always are some great ones that slip by. However troubled 2009 might have been, it’s been a terrifically good year for music, with loads of new stunning debuts, fantastic follow-ups and comebacks. I wont press too much on the subject, as Aquarium Drunkard has already made a very exhaustive review of 2009, which I’m more than delighted to invite you to read.

As many of you might have noticed, the whole ZME staff is busy compiling the best albums of the decade. It’s a tedious process, one that takes a bit more time to complete than initially thought, but very rewarding at end, without a doubt. Nevertheless, it’s crossed path with our plans to compile our list of the best albums of 2009 (which you’ll see in 2010 sometime. I can’t promise anything at the moment.), but today I’m prepared to make it up for you guys by putting together a list of 20 of the most thrilling, beautiful, entertaining, w/e music videos of the year. The order is of no importance, and the list has been compiled solely by me, which means it’s totally subjective – sorry!  I knew I was going miss tons of other great videos when I first logged into the blog, after all, there have been literally thousands of music videos released on YouTube this year alone. With this in mind, I decided I should compile the list only with videos we’ve posted about in the past. How’s that for subjectivity for ya? You can click on the title of each video for the detailed post of it.

Modest Mouse – ‘Whale Song’

Fool’s Gold – ‘Surprise Hotel’

Portugal The Man – ‘Do You’

Over The Wall – ‘Thurso’

The Walkmen – ‘On The Water’

Phoenix – ‘Lisztomania’

Blitzen Trapper – ‘Black River Killer’

Dirty Projectors – ‘Stillness Is The Move’

Fever Ray – ‘Triangle Walks’

Bat for Lashes – ‘Pearl’s Dream’

Justice of the Unicorns – ‘The Dragon’s Claw’

Department of Eagles – ‘No One Does It Like You’

Death Cab for Cutie – ‘Grapevine Fires’

Röyksopp – ‘Happy Up Here’

Kanye West – ‘Welcome to Heartbreak’

Marissa Nadler – ‘River of Dirt’

Animal Collective – ‘My Girls’

Ape School – ‘Wail to God’

Yeasayer – ‘Ambling Alp’

Bodies of Water – ‘Under the Pines’

You made it this far, might as well share some thoughts with us and link to some great videos in the comment section bellow, right?

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