New Foo Fighters video: ‘Long Road To Ruin’

The Foo’s are back with a reminiscent video, to the good ol’ days of “Everlong” or “Learn to Fly“, for a song that fails to deliver in many aspects, “Long Road To Ruin.” The video however does well to erase some of it’s since, thanks to it’s excellent Foo Fighterish humor and storyline, that makes the viewer concentrate on the video, then the actual song.

The video is centered around a fictional 70’s soap opera, titled “Long Road To Ruin,” in which a mustached Dave Grolton doesn’t seem to get along with the other cast. He cries … a lot. He’s madly in love with his colleague, played by Rashida Jones (The Office) who plays the sister of a retarded patient, but who seems to ignore him and looks at him just as a friend. He cries.To win her affection Mr. Grolton forms a uber rock band and eventually gets the girl, but looses her again in the mist of the celebrity. He cries. Chasing after her he loses control and dives into a seemingly endless cliff. He dies.

From the ZME recommended Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

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