New Foo Fighters video: ‘The Pretender’

There was really a lot of hype around [tag]Foo Fighters[/tag] latest single “The Pretender” , when we released the mp3 out for download. Nearly 2000 people downloaded the song, now 2 weeks and half of our bandwidth later the video for this great song has surfaced. First I’d like to express my appreciation for the director of the video, Sam Brown (James Blunt, Fray etc) who through his excellent directing and editing skills has succeeded in capturing the song’s essence, releasing a thrilling video for a very passionate song. If you’ve seen a few Foo videos, then you feel at home with the set of The Pretender, a empty, huge warehouse-thingy in which the band rock their socks off, in their arena rock characteristic manner. But if the video was all that it would be terrible borring, right? Half way through the video, a swat team makes its apperance and soon charges towards the band, but is soon swept away by a water wave, that just broke loose from…. a huge aquarium.

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