Black Sabbath prepare new album – Ozzy describes it as “satanic blues”

We’re having some great comebacks ladies and gents, and Black Sabbath is definitely in the top. What are they planning? Do they still have it? Has their style changed? So many questions, so much eagerness… but now, we get our first hint, and it sounds awesome: the album will be “satanic blues”.

ozzy osborne

It may just be me getting a little carried away, but if this sounds like I imagine it – it’s gonna be awesome. Especially considering what band producer Rick Rubin said:

“I wanted to make an album that stood alongside their first four albums. The first album wasn’t a straightforward heavy metal record. You could hear the jazz influence, so that was the goal, and to capture that live interaction.”

Of course he’s not gonna come up and say “hey, we’re gonna do a crap album”, but seeing just how adamant they seem about the album quality is surprisingly refreshing. As for the most worrying problem here, Tony Iommi’s battle with cancer, things seem to be going “fairly good”:

“Things are fairly good, dare I say, at the moment, I’m still here and it’s okay. We had to do this album now. Christ, if it happened in another 10 years, I don’t know if we’d be around.”

Also, with Bill Ward’s departure from the band, a lot has been going on within the group lately. The drummer position has been filled in by Brad Wilk from Rage Against The Machine with the drum tracks already laid down. This being said, I’d really like to express all my good wishes to Tony Iommi, and really look forward to hearing this album!

Via Rolling Stones

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