Download: Little Fish – ‘Darling Dear’


While cycling through myspaces I came across this extraordinary band of such vigor and unprecedented mesmerizing sound the likes you see every couple of years, that simply engulfed me inside the thought that there are so many talented artists out there that wrongfully get little to no coverage. Hailing from Oxford, England, The band is question is called Little Fish and is comprised of vocalist/guitarist/principal songwriter JuJu, “a rail-thin force of nature (think Patti Smith meets PJ Harvey meets Chrissie Hynde)“, to quote the press release, and drummer Nez, the propulsive undercurrent of the band. Oh, and what an impressive duo these two make! Just check out “Darling Dear” bellow, off the band’s Darling Dear mini EP out now on iTunes and Amazon UK. Little Fish is currently on tour with the Eagles of Death Metal, so if you happen to be in the UK this month, try to join one of these shows. Both bands are fantastic live, so it’ll be more than worth it.

[MP3] Little Fish – ‘Darling Dear

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